Will Another Cryptocurrency See the 10,000x Gain Like Bitcoin?

Do you mean starting with today’s prices? It’s an impossible mission, and you will see why.

Look, even if there would be such a cryptocoin and I would know for sure that it has to gain 10,000x ROI, do you think I would share such information?

However, I don’t think we will have another cryptocoin soon that could generate such a return starting from today, at least not in the next few years. People will still talk about Bitcoin, Ethereum, and maybe a few more coins and forks.

Besides, you should focus on the difference between 10,000x and 10,000%. If you say 10,000x, then it suggests a growth by 10,000 times, which is far away from 10,000%. For example, a growth from 1 to 10 is growth by 10 times (or 10x), but it is also a growth of 900% since a growth from 1 to 2 is growth by 100%.

So, expecting a 10,000x gain is really crazy, and I think no coin will reach such a return in the near future unless the US dollar doesn’t suffer hyperinflation and totally devalues as I explained here: How much will 1 bitcoin be worth in 2026/27?

To make an impression, think about the fact that 10,000x suggests that if the coin starts at $1, it should reach $10,000, and if it starts at 10 cents, it should reach $1000, and if it starts at 1 cent, it should reach $100. Today, most of the companies organizing ICOs set the token price above 1 dollar cent, which makes the mentioned return quite difficult, almost impossible. Several coins can gain 10,000% ROI, but not 10,000x.

For example, in the case of Ripple, a growth from 0.006 to the peak at 0.40 is a 6567% gain, but the price increased by about 66.7 times “only.” So, a 10,000x gain is really astronomical, only Bitcoin can boast with such an achievement, and maybe Ethereum.

I don’t see any new cryptocurrency that could generate such a return.

Again, the only way is to have a hyper-inflated dollar (which is very possible) that just collapses because of different geopolitical events. In that case, you would see many crypto coins gaining 10,000x.

If you don’t mean the current prices as the starting point, then some coins that started at 1 cent or below have this theoretical possibility.


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