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Sentence-Level Comments

Read Sentence-Level Comments

Click on the highlighted text for the comments. The first annotation will be automatically pre-clicked via magic.

Add Sentence-Level Comments

Highlight a text you wish to comment on. A small “Krown” icon will appear. Clicking the icon will teleport you to the comment section.

Contextual Conversation

Have smarter comments on the text itself. Don’t scroll down to the bottom of the page to talk about the opening sentence.


Why Krown Blogs?


Carefully Planned Explanation

We can go ahead and list the merits of a well-managed blogging experience. You could pretend to read this carefully orchestrated explanation.

Lone Wolf Conundrum

Instead, we’re going to say blogging is a wonderful yet lonely endeavour. Laying your thoughts down on paper is a euphoric experience. But, sometimes you have no idea whether your writing shit or the pinnacle of  civilization.

Super Uber Feedback

Create a blog on Krown and we’ll leave carefully handcrafted “sentence-level commentary” on your blog post. We’re a just small team of writers with too much time on our hand.

Create Your Own


Explain Music through Sentence-Level Comments


Criticize Political Speeches through Sentence-Level Comments.


Leave Sentence-Level Feedback on Student Essays


Explain Bible Verses through Sentence-Level Comments


Write in Your Journal with Sentence-Level Comments


Document Your JavaScript Code through Sentence-Level Notes.

As Not Yet Seen in

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Why Should I Build a Blog on Krown?

Build a blog on Krown and the most amazing team in the world, will always leave “sentence-level commentary” on your awesome blog posts. We live and breathe on Krown we don’t have anywhere to go.

How Do I Create a Blog?

Just click on the “Create Your Free Blog” button! Choose your subdomain and write your email to receive your randomly generated password. If you have any more questions feel free to send us an email. It’s not like we spend our entire day saving kittens from trees.

I Only Created an Account. How Do I Create a Blog?

Sorry for the confusion! We’re working towards making the signup process more easier! First login here ( Then return to the signup page (

I’m Still Having Trouble Making a Blog :(

Sometimes Krown can be buggy. We’re working towards making Krown more stable. Send us an email at “” and we’ll create a blog for you!

How Do You Plan to Monetize?

Everyone starts off with a Free Account. Users are free to upgrade for more features after hopelessly falling in love with our service.

How is Krown Different from “”?

Genius is a single website with annotation capabilities. Krown is a blogging network with annotation capabilities. Writing on Genius you’ll have to conform to the pre-existing culture. With Krown you can build your own personalized annotation content.

How is Krown Different from “”?

Medium focuses more on content. Krown focuses more on annotations. Medium’s use of inline-comments makes it difficult to add sentence-level contextual information. Krown’s use of annotations enables contextual conversations over the text itself.

What is the Future of Krown?

(1) Sidebar Annotations: We are going to switch from popup annotations to sidebar annotations. (2) Annotations Posts: Annotations on the posts will also act as individual posts, enabling annotations on annotations. Great annotations deserve to become their own post. (3) Annotation Extensions: We will enable the capability to annotate other blogs and websites.

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